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    At some point, everyone's been standing behind someone in McDonald's only to notice that they've got a missing finger or a giant brown spot growing on their forehead. You're dying to look, dying to inspect, but in your heart of hearts, you know it's just the wrong thing to do. We have no such misgivings when it comes to cars. If they're pretty, shiny, and fast - that's great. But if they're smashed to pieces and there's a possibility the wreckage caused massive terror, that's all the better. A guilty pleasure? Maybe. But the cars don't mind being gawked at.

    WreckedExotics.com is the world's leading source for an intense (and maybe obsessive!) view into the subversively gorgeous world of mashed up automobiles. A collection of the most interesting, strange, and yes, eye appealing car wrecks you've ever seen. The photos are all archived onto one website, maintained by some of the most dedicated enthusiasts of this small-but-growing appreciation society.

    Oh, you don't get it? That's okay, you will. Our entire society has always had a fascination with the destruction of beauty -- the interest is almost as common as beauty itself. Can we pinpoint why? Probably not. But how many times have you been on a highway in the midst of traffic, only to find that the congestion was due to every driver slowing down to get a better look at an unfortunate car crash? It's likely not the most complimentary thing to stare at, and it's definitely a guilty pleasure, but who can deny it? C'mon, we've all looked.

    But WreckedExotics.com doesn't cater to the misfortune of others, and certainly not to a crowd who'd enjoy witnessing the pain of their fellow man. This is a place people visit to enjoy the innate and unspoken beauty of crashed cars, proving that art in this world isn't limited to what we see in nature or on pedestals in the galleries.

    Oh yeah, it's also a good way to work through your envy over those better off than you. They've got Ferraris and Lamborghinis smashed up for your viewing pleasure. Your '92 Tempo isn't going to attract any supermodels, but at least it's not wrapped around a telophone pole.

    We at WreckedExotics.com take our chosen hobby very seriously. Visiting the website grants you access to well over 2,000 different high-quality car wreck photos, totaling almost a quarter of a billion dollars in damage. There's a story behind each of these photos; a tale left up to you to create. It's not just a place to look at trashed cars. It's a spot where your imagination will run wild, and your appreciation for the often-overlooked will grow. Thank you for visiting.