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August 18, 2006

BMW 3-8 Series 5-Series
Long island, NY

I was travelling eastbound at about 85 mph on a straight, flat road on a clear, dry day. A driver travelling westbound attempted to make a left turn (across my side of the road) in front of me, rather than waiting for me to pass. I was hit in the driver side rear door and sent air born at a right angle. The car hit a utility pole (about 15 feet up the pole), clipped it in half, and the impact redirected it at a left angle back on to the road. It rolled three times and came to rest right side up about 250 feet from the original point of impact. Upon arriving on the scene, the first highway patrol car radioed for a medivac chopper, assuming that there was no way the occupants were not critically injured. I had to be cut out of the driver seat with the "jaws", but did manage to exit the car by myself (after much disagreement with the EMTs). I "walked away" with only a broken collarbone and a few scrapes. The entire car was completely crushed, except for the drivers area . The impact point with the pole is clearly visible, crushing the roof just behind the front seat and virtually slicing the car in half. If anyone else had been in the car, they would not be here today. If anything had happened differently or the impact had been even a split second earlier or later, I would most likely not be here today.


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