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The Mating Rituals of Exotic Cars

Apr 3rd 2008
Throughout history, humans have referred to exotic cars as "beasts" and "sexy machines". But for all the sexiness these cars possess, mating happens on very rare occasion. When it does they put on quite a show. Exotic cars held in captivity in museums and garages around the world have all failed to breed successfully. Scientists have long puzzled over how these vehicles mate in the wild.

Now for the first time, they are beginning to get an idea. Thanks to amazing images captured by amateur photographers, scientists are getting their first glimpse of how these automobiles attract and mate with other vehicles.

Here we present photos documenting the mating rituals of exotic cars in the wild.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Scientists discovered exotic cars go into heat before they begin mating. Temperatures can rise to hundreds of degree farenheit within a short period. The heat is usually generated near the rear as seen in the photo below:

It's unfortunate that humans didn't realize this was a natural part of exotic car mating. In the past, it was assumed that the flames resulting from the heat was not a good thing. In an effort to preserve these sexy machines, humans would put out the flames just as the car was starting to get all hot and bothered.

After the exotic car has been in heat for several minutes, it will stop shooting flames and proceed to mount the other vehicle. The mount is usually a reverse mount in which the exotic car gets underneath its mate as seen in these photos:

The actual process of mounting has never been fully observed, but one photographer did manage to snap a close-up, hard-core photo:

In the photos above, readers will notice exotic cars are willing to mate with much less attractive vehicles. Some scientists believe this occurs due to an overdose of fuel resulting in "fuel goggles".

Although mating with much less attractive vehicles may be looked down upon, there is one thing that is taboo to pretty much all exotic cars, and that is mating with their own relative. The following rare photo shows two Lamborghinis, presumed to be first cousins, shortly after they finished mating. The incident attracted huge media coverage as can be seen from the photo. The Lamborghinis were obviously embarrassed over the situation.

Some other forms of mating include mating with multiple partners. Scientists believe this is mainly a result of ingesting illegal fuels like nitrous oxide (or nitro as it's called on the street) - the preferred drug of choice for most exotic cars. Group mating can be dangerous for exotic cars and many leave with permanent damage to their crumple zones.

One last form of mating observed by scientists is sadomasochism, where the exotic car seems to get pleasure from inflicting damage to the other vehicle. In this photo, the Ferrari ended up getting a little too rough. The Ford pickup subsequently had to call out the safety beep, letting the Ferrari know the session was over.

This concludes our documenary on exotic car mating. Stay tuned for the next episode when we document the birth process and the teenage years where many exotics get addicted to speed and live life in the fast lane.

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